“What kind of coins do you have?”

Ever since my dad brought back coins back from his work travels, I wanted coins from everywhere. I loved the designs, the colors, and the holes (Japanese coins have them). I thought it was so cool. When we arrived in New Zealand, I found a 20 cent coin by the McDonald’s. I then remembered I had my wallet. So that is where all my coins from New Zealand went. Everywhere we went I was looking for coins. From wells to streets, I would look for coins. In one well I found a 5 cent coin, later to find out that this year they took away 5 cent coins and changed the way the 50 cent coin looked (see in picture below). Apparently, they’re not using coins that are below 10 cents any more. In all the coins that I’ve seen in tip cups and things like that, it seems like New Zealand changes their money a lot. I’ve seen large silver 10s, small silver 10s and 3 different kinds of 50s seen in the picture. I’m probably going to exchange all my American money in my wallet for foreign coins. It’s always fun to go to stores and ask what kinds of coins they have. That’s where I got the title for my post, from asking a shop cashier, “What kinds of coins do you have?” Notice that all the coins have Queen Elizabeth II on them. Well, that’s about it. I look forward to collecting coins all over the world and writing about them in “The Weekly Post” By McKane Andrus.

Img 5144
These are the 50s.
Img 5164
Here’s my whole collection.

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10 thoughts on ““What kind of coins do you have?”

  1. McKane…great post! I look forward to learning about the currency of the world. Coins are a great thing to collect because they don’t take much room and they are so specific to the places you visit. Keep writing and encourage your siblings to do the same!

  2. Mac, I used to collect coins too… when you get back, we can go through my old collection and I can give you some from the Baltics and some Russian coins you won’t be able to find anywhere now. I think I have some from Ireland, Canada and Mexico I can share with you too. Jon and Luke say hi and Harry says “ahhhhh!” He’s army crawling btw. loves- us

  3. Sorry to have to admit that I am a very amateur
    Coin collector…just working on the 100 different State Quarters at this time…50 States, both D and P mints. Your goal is much more admirable.

  4. Man!
    speaking of coins, it seems like coins are becoming more scarce, or at least for me they are..every day i need coins for something and i just dont seem to have what i need!
    i need 75cents everyday for the marta but i always endup asking sum1 that has change! ITS SO WIERD!!!so yah, when you get back- check me out cuz i might need to borrow ur coins for the marta bus to work!lol

    have fun and stay safe!


  5. I’m just posting here to let ya know that i HAVE been checkin the site, so don’t say i aint givin you no love. I miss your brownies, the opportunity for you to edit my college essays, and basically the entire Andrus experience, so make sure you come back before i leave!!!

  6. Hey, I live in NZ and just to let you know we have only ever changed our coins once since they stopped using pounds in like 1967. The first 50c you showed was just faded.

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