Sixintheworld day shots  011

Kings of the Forest

We parted the curtains in the back of the campervan to see what nature had in store for us. We weren’t sure what to expect from the countryside since we pulled into the RV park after dark…. We camped in Matekohe because we wanted to visit the Kauri Museum, a facility dedicated to documenting the European settlement of the Northland through the history of the Kauri tree, the second largest in the world…. The deforestation of the past two centuries was so bad that one protected forest is all that remains in New Zealand, and we’ll be sure to pass through it on our way back down to Auckland.Our tour through the museum highlighted the dynamic that will most certainly characterize our future visits…. Someday we’ll sign him up for Jeopardy since he never seems to lose a fact once he’s entered it into his databank.Thankfully the staff were gracious and undaunted by the Clampetts arrival.