8 thoughts on “It’s time.

  1. Congratulations! Have the best trip ever. Make sure you guys all keep an extra pair of dry socks when it starts to get cold. :-) Tom, take good care of your family.

    A Big Sixintheworld Fan,

  2. We miss you already. Hope Asher had a fantastic birthday while crossing the international date line. Jade just keeps wanting to go to Grandpa’s and play with Asher.

    The top 6 things that I’ll miss about having the Andrus family at Grandpa and Grandma’s…

    1. Grandpa’s BBQ’s of Dax’s favorite food (steak) with lot’s of corn on the cob and 3 year olds with buttery fingers and faces running away from the wasps. Luckily the wasps weren’t interested in them while they were painting rocks or picking flowers from their individual pots. Plus Mac and Kieran have catching the wasps down to a science.

    2. Hours and hours of Bocci ball with Grandpa, Scott, Dax and Mac. The tournament will continue in a couple of summers, I’m sure.

    3. Swimming pool fun- watching the 4 little ones take control of the water and the endless hours of the girls jumping and diving to Uncle Scott from the side of the pool. If you want to see how well the 4 took to the water, check out Asher’s video of “summer school”. With me working, I was very thankful to have Auntie Anne and Grandpa running Jade to swimming lessons (and dance class) with Asher and Kieran.

    4. Dax and Mac coming over to play x-box 360. You should see the guys they created in the golf game. They are stunning to say the least!

    5. The first little kid sleep over with Grandma- filled with arts and crafts (they painted picture frames that now hang proudly in the playroom) and lots of storytime (until 1 in the morning!) The little ones almost watched spiderman and then they almost watched Ninja turtles but they were just too excited to be having a sleepover to slow down enough to watch TV. Of course the first thing the kids put on when they woke up were their swimming suits and Lukie’s backpack. :)

    and finally…

    6. Having the whole family in one place.

    I love you and miss you. Take care of one another. (Scott, Jade and Ivy send their love as well.)

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