Honeymoon with Who?

A friend recently turned me on to a fabulous book by fellow traveler Franz Wisner. In his supremely entertaining memoir, Honeymoon with My Brother, Wisner recalls how he was dumped by his girlfriend of a decade just days before his wedding. Instead of mourning his misfortune, he carried on with his wedding party and took his younger brother, Kurt, on what was supposed to be his honeymoon to Costa Rica. Inspired by his experience in the rainforest and a demotion at work, Wisner quit his job and invited his brother to embark on an extended round the world adventure. They traveled together for two years and learned a lot about foreign lands and each other along the way. Wisner’s witty musings from the road were published in magazines and newspapers during his absence, and upon his return he was offered a book deal with St. Martin’s Press. The book was so successful after being featured on The Today Show and Oprah that St. Martin’s signed the brothers to pen a second book. They take off on another exodus next month.

While Oprah hasn’t come calling yet, we’re hopeful that our adventure will likewise get people excited about travel and the potential it has to bring people together, both as families and as a worldwide community. Though many think we’re simply two fries short of a Happy Meal, we’ve found other kindred spirits in the travel world. Family travel blogger Isaac Sacolick of TripConnect featured us in his most recent post entitled Family of Six Goes on Yearlong Journey Around the World. When he interviewed me, he found our planning fascinating but admitted he’d like to hear how we’re feeling about everything six months from now. He has invited me to post to his blog, so I’ll plan on issuing that report in February. How could I resist a guy who labeled me “chief cool and calm Mom?”

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One thought on “Honeymoon with Who?

  1. God Bless you, Anne….well, Tom and the gang, too. Yes, you are COOL! Certainly proud to say I KNOW this gang.

    Old Uncle Bob thought he was cool taking a 30 day solo cycle ride out West but that sure pales compared to 365 days to EVERYWHERE.

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