Top 6 Reasons We’re Glad Tom Has Joined Us

With Tom’s arrival in Utah on Wednesday, we ended a five-week separation of our family. The kids and I are used to Dad being gone periodically–remember we’re using almost one million frequent flier miles, which Tom alone has earned, to fund our round the world plane tickets–but five weeks is extreme. We’ve spent many hours videoconferencing on our computers since mid-July, but an image on a screen is no substitute for the real thing. Just ask the kids. Getting disciplined by a talking head on a monitor you can walk away from is nowhere near as intimidating as looking up into the eyes of a 6’3″ enforcer. As with many families, there is a yin and a yang to ours and without dad we’re a little off balance. Now that he’s with us again, our harmony is restored and we can look forward to all the benefits of life with Tom. The top 6 are as follows:

1. He feeds us. Believe it or not, the kids haven’t eaten since he left in July.

2. He’s the only one who can launch the kids in the pool (or in front of the temple). My 5’2″ frame and little arms just don’t pack enough power to send the little ones spinning and flying through the air.

3. When the kids are in trouble, he can make them laugh and repent of their offenses. I just make them angry.

4. He can fix almost anything that goes wrong with our computers, iPods, or cameras.

5. He’s the only one who can speak a little bit of Mandarin, and that’s going to be important in China.

6. Did I mention he feeds us?

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8 thoughts on “Top 6 Reasons We’re Glad Tom Has Joined Us

  1. Bye Tom!!! So sorry we didn’t see you before you left for a whole stinkin’ year! Oh well, bon voyage and be safe. We’ll miss you. Hope your back is healing well. The girls prayed for Mr. Tom’s back to get better…

  2. p.s. I’m glad Anne has her man back and the kids their pops. The harmony couldn’t look any sweeter…

  3. Hi from the keepers of the hearth, aka the “other A family” who are living in the “Andrus/Acree home” as folks in the ward are calling it! (welcome to AA. . . .?!?!?!?)
    I am so glad that y’all are happily together, and that the real journey may begin.
    Baby Autumn has adjusted to her new home-she was too busy being amazed by her new surroundings to sleep much the first couple nights, but now she’s fine. And tell all the kids that we are leaving all their things just as they were when they left. I might even dust their rooms once in a while :-)
    Thank you for sharing your home with us! love and hugs to all!

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