Email Twitches and an Open Calendar

I just stepped off the conveyer belt that has been moving me forward the last 13 years. It is very strange. Yesterday was my last day at work, but I woke up this morning and still checked email before 7:00. I did not check my calendar. Voicemail will all be forwarded by my assistant, I mean ex-assistant. For the next year, I am not the VP of blabidy blah. I have long struggled with the way Americans define themselves by what they do professionally and not who they are as people. Well today, I have forced myself to walk the walk, and…. It feels weird. I am sitting on a plane. It is not unlike one of the thousand of planes I have sat on over the last decade. I fly a lot. In fact, I have been proud to wear my 11 year Delta platinum status on my sleeve as another sign of what I do and how dedicated I am to it. However, this time it is different. There won’t be a crisis for me when I land. There isn’t a pile of Powerpoint documents, contracts, or business cases to go through. I am on a plane that is literally and figuratively taking me away from work and towards the family.

I am not sure what I will miss most about work. It will take me 2 weeks before it sinks in that this isn’t a normal vacation Right now the one thing I think I will miss most is the people. My departure was a great excuse for a month of celebration.

Janetta and CassandraIMG_3375.JPG

Superfriends, Cass “the voice” andra and The master with the pen Janetta with the sixintheworld cake.

My former assistants threw a great party at work complete with a cake. There were also dinners and a happy hour with great company and great food. I had numerous meaningful one-on-one conversations and email exchanges with coworkers in the weeks leading up to my departure, which leads me to think the one thing I will miss will be the people. Of course you could argue the world is full of people. We will actively try to meet many of them, but there is something different about the people with whom you work. I think there is a bond built because you are united in a cause bigger than yourself. As you work together you draw closer and if you have successes closer still.

I am counting on that philosophy being translatable from the workplace to the family. Although our adventure will include a lot of fun, jokes, and entertainment (not unlike work), we each will have roles to play, tasks to accomplish, and need to be a support system to one another. This blog, for example, will become more of a community effort. Over time, we will expand to podcasts and the occasional Vcast. Dax will step up as a writer and video editor, Mac will step up as a photographer and videographer, I will move from being the back end technician to more of a participant, and Asher and Kieran will get a combination of starring roles and menial tasks, perhaps craft services. When we are done, we will hopefully have created a great treasure for the family and grown together through the experience of both traveling and working together. In hindsight, I probably should have enjoyed this plane ride a little more. We are going to be very busy.

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