Get Ready, Get Set, Travel 2.0

Do you think lifechanging inventions like the web should continue to have numeric labels that increment every couple of years like software products from the 80’s? And if they do, who will be the person who decides we can’t have a web 8.0 and forces it to be called Web 2019? Just one of the silly things in life to ponder.

One silly thing you shouldn’t have to ponder is why are we doing this blog. We might come across as a little schizophrenic, and you may question our motives, our coordination, or my mental state. There are a couple simple reasons we are doing this and if you understand our backgrounds it might come into focus. Anne is an accomplished ghostwriter who has had a number of books published. A writer by both trade and nature, her reasons to write are both to document our adventures and to entertain those who stumble across this blog. Like many bloggers she is participating in the poetry of the day. I, on the other hand, am not a writer, at least not professionally. As I mentioned before, I am an internet executive who works at EarthLink. I am one of the Web 2.0 champions at the office and am in love with the power and possibilities of the internet. I am not going to get all teary eyed and blubbery, but I believe this is one of the greatest things to happen to humankind—maybe not as great as domesticating animals but close. I had that level of appreciation with Web 1.0 and I am just as excited about Web 2.0. If you don’t know the difference, I hope you enjoy Anne’s posts. To me, this blog is a way to enrich our travels with the benefits of a socially interconnected world and to extend my knowledge of web 2.0 (I am not a developer and intentionally have yet to ask a developer for help in creating anything on this blog). For me this blog isn’t just about the six of us in the world, it is about you as well. It is about the thousands of potential interactions we will have with people we may never have met otherwise. Ideally, I would love people to get involved and give us local recommendations, to follow our recommendations, to meet us when we are in their town, or to share in a healthy exchange of travel ideas and topics. I am going to call this new connected traveling, “Travel 2.0.” Sadly, I am too late to coin the term. It is most often used by professionals in the travel industry who are discussing how their marketing and services are rapidly changing.

The simplest way to Travel 2.0 would be to post your travelogues, questions, and pictures at one of the great travel social networks like Travbuddy, World66, Travelblog, or Tripadvisor. For a two week trip an article on trip advisor and a photoset on Flickr would be about all you need. For a year long trip that just doesn’t sound like a proper level of engagement. We will do it the hard way with our own blog and domain. It is more challenging, but in the end, it should be a much richer experience and we hope a more interactive one. When I have finally figured out all the tools we are going to use I will create a more detailed post explaining them.

Consider this the first of many pleas to get involved. If you have ever taken an extended trip, if you know someone who has, or if you dream about taking an extended trip let us know. Anne and I exist in 2 different worlds, and we are thrilled to bring both those worlds to the blog. Anne will continue to find interesting observations and write about them. I will put up mailing lists and email links for her and keep the rss feeds, comments, and trackbacks up for me. Of course, I will also look for opportunities to massage the necks of any heads of state we come across.

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5 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set, Travel 2.0

  1. This is the best post so far. At first I thought that you were inviting stalkers and crazy people to meet you, but then I realized that you are not just inviting stalkers and crazy people to meet you, but also slightly less crazy peole and maybe even a few interesting, but somewhat normal people to meet you. Good luck on your Mr. Smith goes around the world with his children, doe-eyed view of the goodness of people who interact on the internet. You are the T. Jefferson of the internet. And, keep those inside jokes coming to see if we, your fans, are paying attention.

  2. I worry about the stalkers, but not the crazy people. I have always found crazy people to be rather entertaining with interesting outlooks on life. I assume we will meet some in the normal “travel 1.0” way and the trip will be richer for it. We will need to have our crazy-dar and stalker-dar fine tuned for those on the blog. But if I can be Blanche Dubouis and TJ all in the same paragraph, well, I might be one of those crazy people.

  3. With all these new fangled internet thingies you are promoting, can you add a spell check and a grammar check to the blog and the comments section? (Sorry this is more of a “question” than a “comment”. Maybe you could have a section for either questions or comments, so people don’t think they are forbidden from this ethereal “interaction” (note the double meaning) and treat this more like an internet forum, bulletin board or newsgroup than the New Age virtual community with the social interconnectedness we hope it will become.).

  4. It looks like you guys are off to a great start, and I also mean with the blog; looks professional to me, but what is a blog anyway.

    I think you guys are on the ‘cutting edge’ of living, go for it.

  5. hi from Australia! I have just come across your weblog and popped in to say hi. Your adventure is amazing and I am enjoying your adventure so far (just started reading). Accomodation is very interesting to me to read about as we are parents of three,my mind boggles how you reduced your luggage to backpacks. My family went to the zoo the other day and I overheard a large family speaking in German and I was very tempted to say hello. Enjoy the journey.

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