Get Ready, Get Set, Travel 2.0

To me, this blog is a way enrich our travels with the benefits of a socially interconnected world and to extend my knowledge of web 2.0 (I am not a developer and intentionally have yet to ask a developer for help in creating anything on this blog)…. Ideally, I would love people to get involved and give us local recommendations, to follow our recommendations, to meet us when we are in their town, or to share in a healthy exchange of travel ideas and topics…. The simplest way to Travel 2.0 would be to post your travelogues, questions and pictures at one of the great travel social networks like Travbuddy, World66, Travelblog, or Tripadvisor…. Anne will continue to find interesting observations and write about them and I will put up mailing lists and email links for her and will keep the rss feeds, comments and trackbacks up for me.