Long Distance Dining

Tom made a post yesterday that dealt with the more technical side of his life. Though technology pervades the rest of the Andrus family’s lives, we are not involved in the evolution of the internet the way Big T is. We make advances in our own ways: I am trying to master text messaging, a skill with which modern-day teenagers come prewired; Dax (who can text message faster than I can type) is learning iMovie and taking high school classes online; McKane is downloading music and constantly finding ways to spend my money on the web; and the little bits have become experts in seeking out and downloading viruses and spyware into our non-Apple machines. (A plug for Apple here–our two Windows laptops are currently out of commission and not likely to be revived anytime soon. Between Utah and Georgia, the family is currently working off of a collection of two PowerBooks, one MacBook, one G5, and one iMac.)

My relative ignorance aside, tonight I managed to plug in the right assortment of wires and click the right buttons to perform my own high-tech feat of prowess: a long distance dinner with dad. Tom couldn’t be in Utah to share in Grandpa’s roast, but he cooked up Peach Shrimp Scampi and asparagus and joined us via videoconference.

videoconference dinner final

It’s doubtful we’ll do this every night. If Tom is smart, he’ll savor a few evenings of solitary dining before solitude becomes an impossibility!

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2 thoughts on “Long Distance Dining

  1. this is so silly!
    but awsome at the same time.
    dont worry txt mesg is so 2005.
    2006 is all about calling!

  2. Um…. not where i’m from noemi!! Text message to the grave!!!!! haha Anyways Andrus i’m glad i was somewhat successful in teaching you all about wires from when we set up your TV that one time… Dax still looking good bubba!!!! I’m diggin that GOOD SHOES shirt you have on the picture with the Jensens.

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