Bye Bye, Sista A!

A few weeks ago my dad took some video of my mom’s Sunday School class with opinions about our trip. He asked me to edit it, and of course doing what any good son would do, I edited it right away. I was surprised to see many of the students responses: there were heartfelt statements, comedic antics, and a little bit of ‘selective’ editing… Well, this being my first post, I thought I might give a little info on my current situation. Right now I’m in Orem, Utah, the place of my birth, and I’m missing everybody in the Alphaghetto (a.k.a. Alpharetta, Georgia). Anyways, the movie’s up so you might as well watch it. Peace everybody…

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5 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Sista A!

  1. haha in the last segment it looks like taylors scratching his butt for like 20 minutes haha. and boooo brother a on the cutting out where ben talks abt being naked haha. i miss u guys already this video made me cry! props on the editing dax!

  2. Ahaha, I agree, Kylie. Anyways, Dax, you did a great job editing that! Hope ya’ll are doing well!

  3. haha that was great dax! i loved it! and the highlight for me was like everyone else’s which is taylor scratching his butt….hahagood job!

  4. HAHAHA I was thinking the same thing!!!! except i was really playing with my button on the back of my pants… serious!!!! But my favorite part would have to be when it says Any last words?? and Jonathon pops up and says, “No not really….”

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