Six in the Car, or “I want a Slushie and I want it now!”

We rolled out of Atlanta about 5pm on Saturday with a 30-something hour drive ahead of us. We figured the drive to Utah would be a good way to get into the family traveling groove. Though Tom enjoys driving, I usually can’t stand it. It’s always rushed, takes far too long, and results in some damage to the car or speeding tickets, thereby costing more than plane tickets would have. In this case there was no option however. I need the car in Utah for the next two months and did not have time to even contemplate selling it in Georgia. After arriving yesterday morning around 11:00 we’re still trying to recover. As a test run for the year off, it went great, though it wasn’t without its pitfalls. Here’s the rundown on how the “Six in the Car” did:

Dax: Text messaged or played his drum in the far back seat the entire time…WITHOUT COMPLAINING. Thanks to all his EFY buddies (you know who you are) for making him happy this week!

McKane: Was in mild disbelief that we had just left his friends behind for 13 months but forgot that he makes new ones upon entering a room. Had a blast observing random scenery, vehicles, and cultural oddities along the way. Was thrilled that we stopped in Kansas at the home of the “World’s Largest Prairie Dog” but was disappointed that the five- and six-legged cows were lying down and that he stepped in goat poop along the way. Started calling his Utah friends the second we walked in the door.

Kieran: Played his Gameboy in the far backseat until the batteries died. Kept asking what state we were in and wanted to know if we would be passing through the “gun state.” Dax explained this is Oklahoma since the panhandle looks like the barrel of a shotgun. Erupted in screaming only two or three times, during which episodes we calmly reminded him he is neither 2 years old nor a wild animal, so there is really no reason for those sounds. Demanded a Slushie somewhere in Illinois but fell asleep and was denied one until Colorado.

Asher: Wanted me to show her where we were on a US map approximately every 2 minutes for the first 4 hours of the trip. We could not make her understand that we were moving very slowly across the big map and encouraged her to let us use state maps to chart our progress since we would be moving much more quickly across them. No deal. Enjoyed the moon, watching movies, and sleeping. Like Kieran, had only a few mild outbursts given the torture we were inflicting.

Anne: Drove approximately 750 of the 1800 miles and tried really hard to remember that I can’t put both my legs up and sit “criss-cross applesauce” while the cruise control is on. Tried to stay awake while Tom drove but without much success.

Tom: Deftly avoided speed enforcement devices and officials through many states even though he consistently disregards the speed limit. Wisely had such close calls only while his wife was asleep. Tried valiantly to listen to books on the iPod but was outvoted by the kids in favor of movies every time–the bio of James Madison and history of philosophy will have to wait. Ankles swelled up to the size of watermelons Sunday night so we stopped in Green River, Utah for the night. Appears to be returned to his proper form today.

The Car: Had one car door slammed into another car during one of Kieran’s few outbursts and took a monstrous rock in the windshield, which will now probably have to be replaced.

Just a few photos to prove we made the trip:

Last minute photo shoot with Candy. Our last pix in Georgia for a while.


Prairie Dog Town, Somewhere in Kansas
Genghis Grill in Grand Junction, Colorado. McKane ate so much he felt like he was going to explode.
An interesting sign that welcomed us into Utah Valley. Spanish Fork, UT

IMG_2566.JPG IMG_2612.JPG IMG_2615.JPG


We made it!

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  1. SO im proud to say i was the first to dance w/ Dax at the Tuesday nite dance… i raced for it. haha. i miss yall already!!

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