Senseless Luxury and Just a Tad of Hypocrisy

I have proudly been spouting simplify, simplify, simplify for the past few years as I have fought to declutter and streamline my life. In one sense I have performed well and detached myself from the world: I keep a simple, no frills wardrobe (except for my twirly skirt–ask my class); I try not to clutter my mind with extraneous or useless information (except when I read People magazine at the dentist); and I have disposed of most things that I have not used within the past year. That said, in my quest to simplify, I recently made a shameless concession that undermines my claims to self-reliance—I hired a cleaning crew. I’ve had cleaning people in the past, but always when I was writing a book, so the indulgence seemed justified. My free time had to go to the kids, not household maintenance. This year, however, I was neither writing nor home schooling. Even so, trip preparations and major reorganization projects left me feeling like I had little time to clean. Elaine and her crew came once every two weeks and were phenomenal. They cleaned every crack and crevice, fluffed every pillow, shined every surface, and left the house smelling like lavender. Just so I would not forget what a hypocrite I am in this regard, they would periodically leave their signature in one or all of my bathrooms. It looked like this:


Yup. That’s a toilet paper rose. And I thought a gold foil sticker was fancy. Somehow I doubt we will experience this level of luxury during our travels. Many places may not even have toilet paper. Sigh. Oh well, this was too pretty to use anyway. It’s still sitting on a bookshelf back in Georgia.

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