An Island Farewell

We threw ourselves a bon voyage party Saturday night since the kids and I will be heading to Utah this weekend. It seems hard to believe we won’t be back to Georgia for 13 months. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to friends, but the neighbors apparently were overjoyed since they put on an impressive display of illegal fireworks…the big ones that require cannons or perhaps trebuchets to launch. The highlight of the evening, however, was the Samoan fire dance performed by my student Candy Taman. Candy hails from Guam and honed his skills performing for droves of adoring Japanese tourists before coming to the States. He is also a gifted musician and singer, and if he gets an “A” in his world history class, I might be tempted to post his Battle of the Bands performance as well. Check him out.

Did you notice the golf cart in the background? Bear in mind there’s not a golf course within five miles of our house. And we can’t make sense of third world cultures?

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3 thoughts on “An Island Farewell

  1. Mama!
    thanx for the props!I want you to know that im gonna try a lot harder in summer school to get an “A” for the second the way, wat goes in the blank spot under the blog?
    aniwaize…talk to you later

  2. Just wanted you to know I was very sad to have missed your “BON VOYAGE”. I was in Cali, but was thinking of you.

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