That’s Definitely Not Crumping

Tom called me away from my new favorite TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance?”, last night so I could see a new video posted to You Tube that had already gotten 250,000 viewings during the day. Turns out it was a dance video, though of a completely different ilk than what I had been watching. I should pause here for a moment to tell you that I am a reformed ballerina. After devoting a decade of my childhood to the discipline, I opted to pursue a life that consisted of more than the strict regimen of distrust, diet coke, and cigarettes the profession seemed to demand. I branched out in college to embrace a variety of other styles, including what Fox calls “contemporary” but we called “modern.” A Blues Brother piece left me with a severely sprained ankle one semester (note the bad perm and MC Hammer genie pants which totally date the photo). A later improv skit left me with a broken nose…turns out when one of the guys below picks you up, flings you upside down, and cracks your septum across his shin, it’s likely to deviate.

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Anyway, in all my years of dancing, I never learned to do what Matt Harding does. I’m going to have to say that in my current state of mind and stage of life, his dancing is more inspirational to me even than Benji’s (though Benji is nothing short of fantastic). Basically, he’s a young guy who quit his job to travel around the world. Along the way someone suggested that he videotape himself doing a silly dance everywhere he went. He did, posted the video, and became an overnight internet sensation. He went back to work but soon was approached by Stride Gum, which sponsored him to take another RTW circuit and continue the dancing on their dime. WOW! A man after our own hearts! A dancer, a traveler, AND a businessman! Check out his video at his site.

In a bizarre “it’s a small world” twist, it turns out he was working for an old friend of ours from Yale when he accepted the offer from Stride. Sometimes coincidence is just creepy.

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7 thoughts on “That’s Definitely Not Crumping

  1. So I have come to realize over the course of the past few months that one can remove himself from an institution but the institution may still lie in oneself. As most of your family has realized my attendence in church has slowly declined. I feel haven’t directly removed myself purposely yet subconciously I have. I cannot and have not realized yet, until this point realized the importance of the application of daily teachings in one’s life. For Example: I have the keys to become possibly the best branch that my family tree has ever seen. But, the question at hand is : Will I or Won’t I take what has been given to me and use it in the way my heavenly father wants me to? The answer lies in me. Through the examples of Christ and other righteous examplers I can pave myself into the branch that I have the potential to become. You and your family have set such an example for me in my life and I will never forget the day that Anne came to my house with her calm inviting spirit. She entered my home merely to make friends with a family down on luck and came out in the long run with much more than that. Anne, you showed me that there were good people in the church and that there were people that cared and loved for my family as people and not as a statistic. Thank you so much for everything and I wish your family the best of luck. I have yet to find out if I’m moving yet but if I do thanks for the world Andrus family, now it is your turn to enjoy it.
    -Justin Obregon

  2. sis A. i LVOE the pics!!! and the video is so inspireing i want to travel around the world.
    you guys are going to have the best time ever!!!!!
    good look to all you guys and ill miss you all so much.

  3. I had to look up “crumping.” I feel so provincial. Your hammer pants are DELUXE. (Are they in your lovie box?)

  4. I think you should try something like this. Maybe Asher Doo could pick her nose in every new destination. How could anyone resist a cute, toe-head, American girl with her finger up her nose?

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  6. HI, my name is Ânia, and I’m from Portugal (right next to Spain eheheh), I saw the Oprah show today, and you guys were in it…I must say that for all my life (as I can remember), I’ve wanted to travel around this amazing world we live in…so here I am, just started reading your blog!
    Anyway, I just want to let you guys know that I’m going to read everything you’ve written ’till now…but this particularly video made me cry
    :( (maybe its silly, but dancin everywhere you’ve been it’s the most amazing thing you can do, it shows so much joy…) I dance as well, used to do ballet (10years) but now I’m into modern/comtemporary, LOVE IT!
    ok guys, sorry this is really long, I just wanted to give you my biggest congrats, I think you are doing a beatifull thing!!
    here in Portugal we say TCHAU (bye) :)*****

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