Adventure in C Major

For the past three and a half years I have had the most amazing job. It doesn’t pay, there’s no opportunity for advancement, and it requires me to work weekends and holidays. Despite these apparent drawbacks, it has been one of most gratifying experiences of my life. Since January 2003 I have served as a Sunday School teacher for high school juniors and seniors. Week in and week out I’ve baked brownies, expounded on scriptures, and tap danced to try to win the attention of sometimes grumpy, often tired, always good for a laugh teens. I’ve attended their concerts and shows, edited their English papers and college essays, and written their Eagle Scout and scholarship recommendations. Every bit I have given them, they have repaid, though they probably don’t know it. Through them I have learned much about the inner workings of the teenager (it’s been way too long since I was one myself), just in time to raise my own. I have witnessed through their eyes the angst of facing the unknown, the joy of embracing the present, and the hope of seizing the future. It is with this hope, which undoubtedly has rubbed off on both Tom and me, that we are embarking on our adventure. While many of my students head to college with all its accompanying thrills and excitement, we head to a succession of continents and countries with all their attendant mysteries and allure. Different variations on the same theme?

See if you can pick out the future rock stars (there are two), the archery goddess, the HAM radio operator, the Iron Chef, and the next Brad Pitt.


Look for this crew, plus the four or five who were absent on picture day, in an upcoming video.

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2 thoughts on “Adventure in C Major

  1. When asked what you should name this web-site I stated, “The Andrus Family wasting a year,” yet over the past few weeks I slowly but surely came to the conclusion that no matter what I say or do will keep you guys from leaving, which will deprive me of seeing you guys for almost over three years due to college and the mission. This thought makes my heart ache even though i don’t show it in public (i’m a silent crier…) I will always remember the awesome sunday school lessons that I may have never seemed to pay attention to, but when asked what I learned in church could recite much of the lessons… the amazing parties that I always said I would see if I could fit in, but ended showing up early for the set up. Sis Andrus I never really got to thank you for helping me grow physically and spiritually since we’ve met, and through helping me get through the death of my best friend. It must be the Yale education, but you’re an amazing writer and the red letter you wrote really touched me. After 18 years of always wanting a little brother I have finally realized that not having one is a blessing not a curse. Instead of giving me a blood brother the Lord has blessed me with many brothers in the gospel. Dax, over the past few months you have grown to become one of those brothers. From driving you to mutual or something I can’t really remember and getting Chick-fi-La on the way, to driving you to that party and meeting some of probably millions of the pretty ladies you attract, and last but not least EFY (HAHAHA). Oh how much I love EFY and being able to spend that one last week with you and our friends is something i will remember forever. Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures but the memories will always be embedded into my mind. Having you in the older group with my sister and the PRETTIEST girl there was def meant to be… But don’t worry our EFY days are not over. I have it all planned out. In three years from today I will be a returned missionary thus enabling me to be an EFY counselor, you on the other hand will be 16 or 17 years old still allowing you to go to EFY… you understand where i’m getting at?? Once again I love and will miss all of you!!!! Thanks for all the great memories!!!! Having changed my mind about you “traveling the world in one year” i think the site should be renamed…. Balancing the World, but that’s just me.

  2. i LOVE this picture. everyone looks fabulous, and were all smiling for ur bitter-sweet goodbye. plus i like looking at ben haha. just kidding, john sticking his tongue out is far moare entertaining.

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